Farming simulator 2017 CUTTER BLACKHAMMER V2.1.2.0

Hello here is again a mod from us the CoBF team it is here a cutting machine for a combine harvester in a length of 32Meter color is unfortunately Fest

Length 32Meter
Color Solid Red Black
Speed ??35KMH
Price 50000Euro
This mower is especially that it can mow anything even maize and sunflowers
This mower is made by us the mower has extendable wheels so it can also be pulled with a tractor or combine harvester

We use this mower on our server also and there it runs error free please no comments there because of it is not realistic or who needs the many people want so a mower have before all people on a 4Fach map should nevertheless occur errors please just beschumsagen we Could not find any.

Modell: Mähwerk
Idee / Konzept: alles Abmähen mit nur einem Mähwerk was auch Lang ist
Tester: wir das CoBF Team

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