Farming simulator 2017 FENDT 9490 X SERIES V2.0

Technology for the future challenges in agriculture.

Version 2.0
– Improved visuals
– New driving physics
– New engine sounds + threshing sounds.
– Added corona to cablight.
– Fixed combine decal clip distance
– Fixed crawler travel speed
– Travel speed increased to 33 km/h
– Extra terminal is now optional and can be removed/added with IC control.
– New store pictures

The combines in the new Fendt X-Series and P-Series offer a selection of high-performance combines for farms that require power, reliability and the highest level of technology. The new models are tailored precisely to the needs of large-scale agricultural farms and contractors, where the focus is on operating costs and machine efficiency.

Fendt 9490 X
Fendt PowerFlow 35FT

Seat suspension
Animated joystick
Animated pedals
Physical camera
Animated steering column
IC Control
Computer terminal
Passenger support
Cabinlight for nightwork
Adjusted cubemap (less gloss)
New engine sounds
More huds
Colorable body
Colorable rims
Adjusted driving physics
Added plate

Design Options:
Dark Decals
Wheel Configurations:

Capacity: 12500 | Price: 398.000 € | Maintenance: 1460 €

Have fun with the mod!

Model: Astropolis, Giants Software
Texture: Astropolis, Giants Software
Script: Alex2009, JoXXer, fruktor, Manuel Leithner
Idea / Concept: Astropolis
Testing: Astropolis

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