Farming simulator 2017 Gregoire G8.260 v0.1 (FS17)

Gregoire G8.260 for Mining & Construction Economy Map.
This Machine is for working on Vineyard and have two accessories, one is a Pre-Prunning (work like a seeder) and other is for fertilizer but is specific for vine or small trees.
The pack contain a 3º acessorie (is a head for harvest grapes) but is not fuctional because I don´t have the knowloge for convert in right conditions. This mod have much more potencial but need someone with time and knowloge to explore all features.
The author of this mod for fs15 (rucafer (spanish modder)) give permission who want convert the mod can do.

rucafer says:
De momento no tengo planeado pasar este mod al FS17. Para hacer el mod tuve bastantes problemas con el Giants Editor del 2015, pero este año el Giants no funciona en mi ordenador con lo cual me es imposible convertir el mod, aunque me gustaría. Por lo tanto si alguien quiere convertir este mod tiene mi permiso, e incluso si alguien se ofrece a hacerlo, le puedo ayudar en lo que pueda (como los scripts).
If you want work on mod please make it better, if is for worst don´t touch it.
And remember before you, rucafer and me (Nonnus) work on the mod, so the mod is not yours.


Some .i3d models I use: Bigfarmer145, DtP Mario, QWARES17, dufffr, Toymatao, vnsfdg2, User B4D

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