Farming simulator 2017 New Holland CR10.90 Multicolor v1.1.0.0


The Mod came about because my son has a multicolor Drescher desired with “special” values.

– Multiplayer fähig
– Bremse etwas verstärkt (war für 59.000 Liter etwas schwach auf der Brust)
– Scheiben getönt

During implementation the following users supported in word and deed:

The forum thread to create:

New Holland CR 10.90 Multicolor
Here I have a slightly different CR 10.90 for you, since were asked not only 33 colors to choose from, but the model was also drilled massively nor various other.
And that would be:
Original: 1300 liter
Mod: 2000 liters
Original: 40km / h
Mod: 53km / h
Grain tank:
Original: 14,500 liters
Mod: 59,000 liters
Unloading speed:
Original: 350 liters
Mod: 3000 liter
Daily maintenance costs:
Original: € 1,760
Mod: € 650
Shop price as the original 430,000 €

I am aware that such a device is absolutely not realistic, but that’s my son no matter, and for him was made of.
If the else should find someone useful, go download it and look forward to the device.
The rest may be saved the negative comments, let a 1 star review, “not recommended” there, but spare me with your whining.
Thank you very much!

PS: This is a modification of an original Gefährts of GIANTS. Modded in the sense I have nothing that the game would not give with board means, therefore you can with the mod do what you liked.
And if anyone thinks to the need to upload somewhere else under his name, and to decorate with borrowed plumes, that’s way it is. Pathetic, but bearable.


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