Farming simulator 2017 Vaderstad Rapid A600SDF v1.1

Hello friends.
On request of some people, and I’m also very big Väderstad fan, I have the
Rapid A600S fitted with a fertilizer function and a second container for fertilizer in the rear of the drill. The new name of the machine is now Rapid A 600SDF. The DF means Direct Seeding Fertilizing, direct sowing with fertilizer function.
Seed volume 3100Liter
Fertilizer volumes 1000liter
Filling time is increased to 250
Sowing speed was increased to 25kmh
Joker Modding wishes you much fun with the Rapid A600SDF, makes us a visit also our Facebook page. Https://

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: JokerModding
Tester: JokerModding
Sonstige: monteur1 (Düngerbehälter-Biodrill LS15)

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