FS 17 modding talks of FarmCon 16 now available as video downloads


A bit more than a months ago more than 250 fans, modders and YouTubers of the Farming Simulator community met at FarmCon 16 where they could get an exclusive preview of FS17 as well as presentations held by developers of the game.

The main focus of the presentations lied on the new features and tools of the GIANTS Engine offering more opportunities for modders with the new version of the game.

If you also enjoy creating mods but couldn’t be at FarmCon, then here are some good news: Many of the presentations are now available as download via our website for €4.99/$4.99. Visitors of FarmCon, who already paid €30-€40 for the ticket, will be able to use the download code on the back of their FarmCon 16 badges to download it here for free.

Since the talks were held in German we’ve gone through them all and added English subtitles and combined the video of the speakers and the slides so that more people are able to prepare themselves for the new modding season. Learn new tricks, how to convert your FS15 mods to FS17 or get ideas for completely new mods.

Additionally to the videos covering the modding subject there are also some other interesting Farming Simulator presentations in the package.

Table of contents:

Keynote: The Past, Present and Future of Farming Simulator
Christian Ammann
15 min
From Modder to Game Developer
Emil Drefers
24 min
Everyday life of a games developer
Marc Schwegler & Stefan Geiger
18 min
Guest contribution: Precision Farming
Dr. Bernhard Schmitz (AGCO)
40 min
Modding for FS17: Engine, features, changes, tips
Manuel Leithner
36 min
Sound design in Farming Simulator
Tobias Reuber
32 min
Mod Conversion from FS15 to FS17
Marius Hofmann
23 min
Creating dirt textures
Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner
33 min

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