We had a change of plans with our map object release! In last night’s stream I had told our viewers that once I hit thirty likes on the stream that I would lower the subscriber count needed to release the objects. That number got set to 4000 OR if we got CountryRoads Media to 200 subscribers before we finished our broadcast. And as it so happened, we hit that 200 mark on Dusty’s channel with no problem! Thank you to those of you who participated in the stream and subscribed for the first time. I would like to add a bonus release when I hit 4000 subscribers as well, so any input for more map objects would be appreciated.
As for our map objects, everything in the pictures, is what you get in this release. If you use these in your maps, please be sure to provide proper credits, otherwise do with them as you wish.
Thanks again, guys! Hope to see you in the next stream.

RAND0Msparks Media

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