I would like to ask all those who want to download the map to read. If the map does not like it should not synonymous download!
If you have criticism of the map then please express in a friendly tone because no Mapper or Modder would like to hear something like eg “oh one sees the shit from, or what wants no one “. For that is the reason why some Mapper or Modder their maps or mods only for themselves to keep.
To the map The Landkreis_Rheinlandpfalz is a 4-fach map with 39 fields At the beginning you have 4 fields (field 1,4,39 and, 36).
Two years went into the country when you came back and took care of your grandparents. You have got it business and new villages have grown, new industries have moved into your proximity which can now also be supplied with the required goods you produce.

Fabrikscript marhu/kevin
giants: Tor Technik
AdditionalMapTypes: Blacksheep – RC-Devil
Digital Storage Amount Mover V – 08.11.2016 (by Blacky_BPG)
GasStation Extended V – 03.01.2017 (by Blacky_BPG)
GasStation Extended – variable fuel price V – 12.01.2017 (by Blacky_BPG)
ManualBarrier V – 17.12.2016 (by Blacky_BPG)
Gebäude: zero_ace,kevin,Bigblue
wenn ich jemanden vergessen haben soll bitte melden

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