FS17 Lizard Truck Pack Crowmodding v1

FS 17 Lizard Truck Pack by Crowmodding

3 trucks are included,
1 Rodeo with White trim and yellow interior lighting (Real dash glow)
1 Rodeo with Black trim and green interior lighting (Real dash glow)
1 PickupTT with blue interior lighting (Real dash glow)

All 3 trucks have 12 wheel options and a few accessory options light Fog Lights, stake bed (Rodeo only) and Beacon light for the PickupTT.
Their is options so you can buy All Options for each truck. (All options for Rodeo come with 127HP engine! TT truck is standard 200HP.)
All 3 trucks also have the tension staps for holding your load down, even works with the stake bed add on.
Both Rodeo’s have a small lift for the larger tires. New V8 sounds.

Note: on the wheel selection screen for all Trucks, Number 10,11, and 12 all show a “Missing configuration_va” (Don’t know why?) No error in log, but they still work, so don’t worry about it. Rodeo’s wheel #9 wide tires solid color wheel, #10 is taller tire from the TT truck, #11 is wide tires and Black outer rim and your color for the center, #12 is like 11 but White. (see pictures)
PickupTT are the same about except #10 is wide tires with aluminum outer rim and your color for the center.

Note2 (Modders help?) I made icons for the shop, but they only show blank. Tried different sizes but none work, see files to see what I mean. Not sure if they even need to be a certain size to work?
2nd thing is I tried on the Rodeo Black trim truck to be able to haul pigs and sheep, but can’t get it to work. In the i3d file you’ll find the animals section in the stake bed tree, so you could only haul animals with that option.
If anyone wants to fix the above things and re upload, be my guest, just please use a web site with direct download.

My log is error free, anyone can modify and re upload. Enjoy!!!


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