Garage placed anywhere! v1

Dear LS’ler.
Actually I wanted to upload to the LS17 not my Mod’s here on MH.
But life is a –free and nehmen–.
This has prompted me now but my already made known LS15 placeable “Garage” can be downloaded here to provide and to share them with you.
!! The garage is placed anywhere on the map and thus needs to NOT be installed with the GE.
The garage is not intended for higher vehicles! (Possibly comes in a V 1.2. High version of the garage)
However, one can easily assume its Tractoren, equipment, or other here.
As already in the LS15, so this version is built so that they kleinener “bumps” on the site adapts. (See pictures)
The log is FREE of Error (see screenshot)
Tested in single player as well as on the Dedi. (Here also no errors or other)
I hope you can make use of the garage and put up in one way or another map according to your preferences.
Kind regards,
E uer Rumtreiber22 ?
Ps..Der mod can be offered on other sites on the DL, but ONLY using the origin.Link !!


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